Die Berliner Räubertöchter.


Everything in my life is dedicated to the search for happiness. It was a long way I had to go until today and the way is still not easy. I struggled a lot. I lost faith in myself and everything around, I lost people I loved. I´ve been falling apart a thousand times.
But I started over and over again, not knowing why and not knowing how.
But I managed it. I survived every piece of shit in my life. Some severe car accidents and other stuff, that was not really fun to go through.
I lost hope so many times. I startet to write blogs. Different topics, specific ones, general ones. Outdoor, lifestyle… I just wanted to write about everything that matters to me. I didn´t get the point.
But one morning, it came clear to my mind, what EVERYTHING in my life was about. Happiness. Being happy is the hardest thing. It is so fucking easy to be mad, to be sad, to be whatever you want in a negative way. But being happy is really difficult. You can´t say „If I get this, I will be happy“. Happiness is a state of mind, it is your choice, not a thing, you can buy.

So what AM I? I am a storyteller with a passion for outdoor and dogs. That´s me.

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